Frequently Asked Questions about Water Trampolines

Water trampolines offer hourIsland Hopper Acrobat 20' (640x640) (300x300)s upon hours of fun for both kids and adults alike. Swimmers can jump up and down or launch themselves high in the sky and come down with a splash. You can walk the plank like a pirate or ride an attachment like a bucking bronco while your friend jumps up and down on the trampoline.

Having a water trampoline can make a good summer great. Bouncing around on a trampoline into the water is great fun.

There are water trampolines of all different shapes, sizes, and prices. Finding the right one is easy once you determine what your family’s needs are.


1.  What name brands should I consider when buying a trampoline/bouncer? Aviva, Rave, Island Hopper and SportsStuff to name a few.

2.  Is it a bouncer or a water trampoline?  Many websites use these terms interchangeably; however, there is a difference.  Usually a bouncer style water trampoline is an inflatable that has no steel frame or springs to it.  A water trampoline is an inflatable with sturdy steel frame and springs attached.  A true water trampoline is more durable and expensive.

3.  How do I compare the various brands and prices quickly?  Is there a good water trampoline review?  There are a few sites.

4.  What is the size of the jumping surface?  You need to consider not just the overall size of the water trampoline, but the area that children and adults will be jumping on.  For example, a 15 foot water trampoline might only have a 10 foot jumping space.  Usually the larger the water trampoline, the larger the jumping surface.

5.  Once you know the size of the jumping area, you can determine how many children can jump at one time.  Many manufacturers have recommended weight limits to consider too.

6.  Is a ladder included?  You need to have a ladder to board the water trampoline because both water trampolines and bouncers sit high on the water.  If a ladder is not included in the price, you will need to purchase a boarding ladder.

7.  Are there assist handles on the inflated tube that swimmers can grab on to?  How many?

8.  How many anchor ties are built in,for safe mooring?  Water trampolines are anchored in place during use.

9.  Is the water trampoline designed for recreational use or commercial use?  You can expect to pay more for commercial grade water trampolines.  Commercial grade trampolines would be ideal for camps and resorts.

10.  What type of trampoline attachments can be purchased to go along with your water trampoline or bouncer?  There are slides, planks, etc. that could be attached to make your trampoline grow into a water park if you desire it.  These big inflatable, floating playgrounds are strictly for your lake front cottage or summer home.  Attachments are usually purchased separately.

11.  What is the warranty? One year warranty?  Unlimited warranty??

12.  Read what other consumers say about the trampoline or bouncer you are about to buy.  Read social media sites like Facebook.